5 Hidden Costs of a Wedding

Trying to stick to a strict budget? Don't forget these hidden costs of having a wedding!Gratuity! Gratuity is usually added to the final bill for your caterer. However, it is also polite to tip waiters/waitresses, bartenders, church musicians, and any others who you think deserve it. Taxes! Don't forget to include taxes in your budget … [Read more...]

How is your wedding etiquette?

This quiz tests your knowledge on some basic wedding etiquette every bride (and groom) should know! Let's see how polite you are...  … [Read more...]

Just for Fun: Wedding Acronyms!

You see these wedding acronyms all the time and barely know what they each mean.... well here is a good breakdown:BM= bridesmaid or best man MOH= maid/matron of honor GM= groomsmen FH= future husband FW= future wife FG= flower girl RB= ring bearer MOB= mother of the bride MOG= mother of the groom FOB= father of the bride FOG= father … [Read more...]

Liquor or No Liquor?

I am currently planning my wedding, and we are trying to make a decision about whether or not to serve liquor at the reception. My family is for it and claims weddings are boring without it, but my fiance's family is totally against it. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so whatever my fiance and I decide will go. I just don't want to anger … [Read more...]

During which season should I be married?

[quiz=7] … [Read more...]

Hollywood Glamour

COLORS: Red & gold. Only bold and dramatic colors fit a Hollywood theme.  FLOWERS: Ranunculus. Big, bold, and beautiful, these flowers have the star quality you need for this theme!ATTIRE: A mermaid gown with a chapel train. A short bubble veil will compliment the look perfectly.LOCATION: A glamorous indoor setting such as a … [Read more...]

During which season are you planning on getting married?

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Maria Sharron, Photographer

Photography has always been a passion for Maria. In additional to digital format photography, she is also educated in the art of developing black and white film.  The experience enhanced her overall view of photography as an art.  Not only does she approach photography from an artist's perspective, understanding of the beauty of good composition, … [Read more...]

When should we start planning?

Hey Tinka, My boyfriend proposed to me in Feb..we have set a date for July 4,2010. How soon should we start planning. I don't want all our conversations to be about the wedding day you know. GloriaGloria,Congratulations! Well, it is never too early to start looking for sales, coupons, and other deals! I would work out your budget between … [Read more...]

The Lazy Bride’s Guide to Thank You Cards

Some say "thank you" cards shouldn't be typed... but we don't think there is anything wrong with it! In fact, handwritten cards are so time consuming that many brides put them off for months and months after the wedding is over... and we think a timely, typed card is less rude than a late, handwritten card.Here's the catch. EACH CARD STILL HAS … [Read more...]