Top 10 Things Brides Do Wrong When Planning Their Weddings

 Make sure you don’t make these wedding-planning mistakes!When planning their special day, brides tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves, and everyone involved, to make the day absolutely perfect. What you need to remember is that even though your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, it’s just … [Read more...]

Easy Way to throw a Charming Wedding Day

Trying to throw a small yet elegant wedding on a low budget? Here's an idea for a wedding that should cost you $1000 or less!I have gotten some "Ask Tinka" emails about throwing a wedding as little as $1000 so I decided to respond with an idea I have.  Afterall, everyone deserves to celebrate their wedding-- even those who don't have $15,000 to … [Read more...]

5 Hidden Costs of a Wedding

Trying to stick to a strict budget? Don't forget these hidden costs of having a wedding!Gratuity! Gratuity is usually added to the final bill for your caterer. However, it is also polite to tip waiters/waitresses, bartenders, church musicians, and any others who you think deserve it. Taxes! Don't forget to include taxes in your budget … [Read more...]

Just for Fun: Wedding Acronyms!

You see these wedding acronyms all the time and barely know what they each mean.... well here is a good breakdown:BM= bridesmaid or best man MOH= maid/matron of honor GM= groomsmen FH= future husband FW= future wife FG= flower girl RB= ring bearer MOB= mother of the bride MOG= mother of the groom FOB= father of the bride FOG= father … [Read more...]

Hollywood Glamour

COLORS: Red & gold. Only bold and dramatic colors fit a Hollywood theme.  FLOWERS: Ranunculus. Big, bold, and beautiful, these flowers have the star quality you need for this theme!ATTIRE: A mermaid gown with a chapel train. A short bubble veil will compliment the look perfectly.LOCATION: A glamorous indoor setting such as a … [Read more...]

Money-Smart Wedding Planning

10 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY WHEN PLANNING YOUR SPECIAL DAY!When planning your wedding, remember that you are starting your life with the one you love. And it is important to get that life started on the right foot! That means having a special wedding day but also keeping the life ahead of you in mind. You don’t want to come home from your … [Read more...]


Just in time for Valentine's Day, this wedding theme is perfect for a romantic day! Think roses, wine, and candles...COLORS: Reds & pinks. Use Valentine's Day as your inspiration to pick romantic wedding colors.FLOWERS: White, red, and pink roses. Nothing is more romantic than roses. … [Read more...]

Create a Sand Ceremony for Your Wedding

In recent years, the sand ceremony has come to replace the more traditional unity candle ceremony during the wedding service. Originally, during sand ceremonies the bride and groom would toss handfuls of sand together into the wind. The concept was that the sand was now combined and unable to be separated, symbolizing unity and eternity.Today, … [Read more...]

A Winter Wonderland

So many "something blues" in this winter wedding theme!COLORS: Wintery blues and silver. Let the winter season be your guide in choosing the right blues and silver.   FLOWERS: Hydrangeas in white & various shades of blue. Your bouquet can include white and light blue flowers while your bridesmaids' bouquets incorporate darker blue … [Read more...]

How to Personalize your Wedding Day

Don't let your wedding be just like any other. Below are 6 ways of putting your own personal touch on your special day.Create a picture slideshow for your wedding reception! Nothing looks as fancy and personalized than a video of you and your soon-to-be hubby over the years. It can start with baby pictures then include pictures of the two of … [Read more...]