The Lazy Bride's Guide to Thank You Cards

Some say "thank you" cards shouldn't be typed... but we don't think there is anything wrong with it! In fact, handwritten cards are so time consuming that many brides put them off for months and months after the wedding is over... and we think a timely, typed card is less rude than a late, handwritten card.Here's the catch. EACH CARD STILL HAS TO … [Read more...]

Get Organized With Your Wedding Planning

If you don't have a wedding planner, get yourself a wedding planner! That is, an organizer like the one above.Step 1: Buy a planner with an area for notes, a to-do list, and a calendar to dedicate SOLELY to wedding planning.Step 2: In the notes section, put all of your ideas... what flowers you want, your colors, dress ideas.Step 3: On … [Read more...]

John Decker Photography

Northern California wedding photographer and award winning photojournalist John Decker is known for his ability to capture the special moments of a wedding day. His images are genuine, natural and contain no artificial additives.If you are planning a Northern California wedding in San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Monterey, Lake Tahoe or … [Read more...]

All Your Wedding Registry Questions Answered

Wedding etiquette has changed so much over the years that we often receive questions about proper manners for a modern wedding. A lot of these questions are on the subject of wedding registries. Do you have questions about registering for your wedding? Well, you came to the right place! … [Read more...]

Are you getting married inside or outside?

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8 Little Known Ways to Get Wedding Discounts

Want to know the secrets that are saving brides hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Keep reading!Search "wedding coupons" online. You won't believe how many coupons you will find. Go to the websites of the stores you want to buy things from and sign up for their e-newsletter (if they have one). They will probably send you coupons and … [Read more...]

Average Costs of a Wedding Photographer, Videographer, DJ, and Officiant

I get a lot of questions about the "average" cost of different wedding vendors so I decided to do a little bit of research. I chose 5 major US cities and looked up 3 of each of these vendors for each city. Based on the prices given on their websites, here are the average costs of these wedding vendors: … [Read more...]

Honeymoon Question for you Brides (and Grooms) to be!

After our recent quiz, "Where should I go on my honeymoon?" we began wondering what the most popular honeymoon spots are right now. So here's your question... Where are you going on YOUR honeymoon? … [Read more...]

Should he/she be in my wedding party?

Are you questioning whether or not to ask someone to be a part of your wedding party? Answer these 5 simple questions and get your answer! … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Wedding DJ That’s Right For You

Want a wedding reception no one will soon forget? In a lot of ways, a great DJ is the key to a great reception! Find out how to choose one that is right for you. … [Read more...]