Are you ready to get married?

Want to know whether or not you and your significant other are ready to tie the knot? Take this quiz to find out! Just remember to be HONEST with yourself as you take the quiz!

  1. How long have you been with your significant other?

  2. Have the two of you ever lived on your own before?

  3. Have you talked about having kids together and how they will be raised?

  4. What is the most important thing on your wedding day?

  5. Have you discussed where you want to live and any future moves?

  6. Have you discussed issues about your finances (e.g. separate or joint bank accounts, what debt the two of you have, large purchases to make)?

  7. If you got married tomorrow, would you have any doubt in your mind? Would you feel like you are missing out on other opportunities? Would you have any regrets?

  8. How similar are your goals and dreams for the future?

  9. Have the two of you ever kept secrets from one another?

  10. How do you handle conflict within your relationship?

  11. How do the two of you get along with each other's family?

  12. Have you discussed your after-marriage sex life?


  1. this quiz was good. very specific.