Wedding Shower Etiquette: Invitations & Guestlist (Part 1)

Traditional wedding showers have outdated, stale rules that don’t really apply to modern showers. But with all the changes, how can one be certain their wedding shower etiquette is up to speed? This series of articles will outline the essentials of proper wedding shower etiquette for the: - Host/Hostess(es) - Guests - Bride and GroomTopic 1: … [Read more...]

Just for Fun: Wedding Acronyms!

You see these wedding acronyms all the time and barely know what they each mean.... well here is a good breakdown:BM= bridesmaid or best man MOH= maid/matron of honor GM= groomsmen FH= future husband FW= future wife FG= flower girl RB= ring bearer MOB= mother of the bride MOG= mother of the groom FOB= father of the bride FOG= father … [Read more...]

Looking for Personalized Wedding Gifts for your Wedding Party?

Check Out These Wedding Gifts For Your Wedding Party!For the maid of honor, we suggest the "Personalized Candy Striped Tote Bag!" It is adorable, personalized, and can be used for years to come. Secret bride-to-be benefit: Your MOH can use … [Read more...]

Should he/she be in my wedding party?

Are you questioning whether or not to ask someone to be a part of your wedding party? Answer these 5 simple questions and get your answer! … [Read more...]