Easy Way to throw a Charming Wedding Day

Trying to throw a small yet elegant wedding on a low budget? Here's an idea for a wedding that should cost you $1000 or less!I have gotten some "Ask Tinka" emails about throwing a wedding as little as $1000 so I decided to respond with an idea I have.  Afterall, everyone deserves to celebrate their wedding-- even those who don't have $15,000 to … [Read more...]

Liquor or No Liquor?

I am currently planning my wedding, and we are trying to make a decision about whether or not to serve liquor at the reception. My family is for it and claims weddings are boring without it, but my fiance's family is totally against it. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so whatever my fiance and I decide will go. I just don't want to anger … [Read more...]

When should we start planning?

Hey Tinka, My boyfriend proposed to me in Feb..we have set a date for July 4,2010. How soon should we start planning. I don't want all our conversations to be about the wedding day you know. GloriaGloria,Congratulations! Well, it is never too early to start looking for sales, coupons, and other deals! I would work out your budget between … [Read more...]

Budgeting for a $15,000 Wedding

Dear Tinka,I am having some trouble managing my budget for my May wedding. My fiance and I are always fighting about how much money I spend. Our budget of $15,000 is quickly drying up, and I am beginning to panic! I am almost ready to reschedule the date so we'll have more time and more money. Any tips?Stressed-out Bride named Olivia  … [Read more...]