Liquor or No Liquor?

I am currently planning my wedding, and we are trying to make a decision about whether or not to serve liquor at the reception. My family is for it and claims weddings are boring without it, but my fiance’s family is totally against it. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so whatever my fiance and I decide will go. I just don’t want to anger either side.


Dear Heather,
I am always all for doing whatever is going to make you and your fiance happy on your wedding day. However, you should always show your guests respect. In other words, do what makes you happy without horribly offending your family. I would suggest completely eliminating liquor. You can serve champagne with the toasts and then maybe offer beer and wine. Also offer cider or something similar to those who do not wish to drink. This way, those who want to drink will (in moderation) and those that are against drinking don’t have to.

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