Wedding Shower Etiquette: Planning & Preparation (Part 2)

Who needs the rules of the 1900s to explain proper wedding shower etiquette to us today? In part one of this series, we discussed modern-day etiquette pertaining to invitations and guestlist. In this article, we are talking about planning and preparation!---------------------------Traditional wedding showers have outdated, stale rules that … [Read more...]

Wedding Shower Etiquette: Invitations & Guestlist (Part 1)

Traditional wedding showers have outdated, stale rules that don’t really apply to modern showers. But with all the changes, how can one be certain their wedding shower etiquette is up to speed? This series of articles will outline the essentials of proper wedding shower etiquette for the: - Host/Hostess(es) - Guests - Bride and GroomTopic 1: … [Read more...]

All Your Wedding Registry Questions Answered

Wedding etiquette has changed so much over the years that we often receive questions about proper manners for a modern wedding. A lot of these questions are on the subject of wedding registries. Do you have questions about registering for your wedding? Well, you came to the right place! … [Read more...]