How is your wedding etiquette?

This quiz tests your knowledge on some basic wedding etiquette every bride (and groom) should know! Let’s see how polite you are…


Should you list where you are registered on your wedding invitations?

Is it okay to have a cash bar?

Is it acceptable to send the same thank you card to each person who sent you a wedding gift?

How long should wedding guests have to wait for the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception?

Should you make all the lodging accomodations for your guests at a 5-star hotel?

If the wedding is called off, do you return the gifts?

Do you have to invite children to the wedding?

Invite your guest's partner if they are...


  1. wow, i failed 🙁

  2. Casey Chambers says

    I got all of them right except the first. I was planning on putting registry info on my invitations. Glad I took the quiz first!!!! (:

  3. Woo! All correct!

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