February Wedding Colors

Whether you’re a romantic at heart, or favor bold, artsy trends, getting married in February gives you plenty of leeway for choosing the palest of pinks to the boldest reds and maroons. Have fun choosing the colors that match your personality!

Bold Red

Red is the obvious and dramatic color of Valentine’s romance – the traditional color of the heart as it relates to love. You can play on this color without being limited to the bright red of Hallmark Valentines. Deep burgundies and maroons are just as romantic.

For the very daring, think red for your wedding gown. Red gowns have been trendy in Europe for several years. If solid red is too shocking, consider a red and white gown, maybe with a dramatic red cape or silk pashmina.

You can also choose a different color to work as you basic theme shade, and just have small touches of red as accents in your flowers, bridal party attire and décor. Deep colors tend to be more dramatic than pastels – think regal blues, shimmering gold, deep greens and rich ivory shades all set a lovely backdrop for small suggestions of red.

Perfectly Pink

Pink is a very traditional color, but we tend to the think of wedding pinks as once-upon-a-time cotton candy pink. Think “Steel Magnolia” décor consisting entirely of “pepto-bismal” pink everywhere. Bold pink can be a lot of fun, especially paired with brown or black and it doesn’t have to have a punk-rock feel to it.

Pink tulips, pink roses, even a pink satin garter can all add a perfect touch. Decorate with a romantic touch – soft lighting, gauzy fabrics, flowers, candles, and plenty of atmosphere.

By guest blogger:
Laurie Cohen

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