First Dance Question

Dear Tinka,

My fiancé and I can’t decide on a first dance song. He wants “You and Me” by Lifehouse, and I want “You Had Me From Hello” by Kenny Chesney. We have been arguing about this since we started planning our wedding in October, and neither of us is budging. I like “You and Me,” but for some reason, I just picture us dancing to “You Had Me From Hello.” What should we do?


Hi Katelyn,

It sounds like you both are really passionate about the songs you have chosen. I have a couple of different suggestions for you. You can always start from scratch and compromise on a new song together and play the others later. Or you can decide that one of the two will be your first dance then the other can immediately follow. You can have the DJ announce that you two will remain on the floor dancing, and the guests are now welcome to join.

Although I must say– It sounds like you are pretty lucky to have a guy that cares enough about the wedding planning to be so passionate about a first dance song. If you like “You and Me,” maybe you could let him have that song first then dance to “You Had Me From Hello” next. Another option would be telling your guests the situation, and having two first dance songs. I’m sure they would find it pretty humorous!

My last idea is to have the wedding guests vote on the “dispute” last minute. It might be a cute twist 🙂

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